Child Rights & the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

MCRI provides Training of Trainer workshops with our Master Trainers who are experts in child rights and child issues in Malaysia.

The objectives are to:

Workshops do impart knowledge. However, the focus is on understanding key concepts rather than memorising terminology or facts. International examples are given to illustrate the main points, but wherever possible, information is contextualised for the Malaysian scenario.

Individuals who participate in MCRI Training of Trainers workshops in Child Rights and the UNCRC receive various types of support. A specially designed manual is meant to present future and existing facilitators with the fundamental ideas and concepts they need, as well as provide a selection of activities so they can run their own sessions. Following the Training of Trainer sessions, trainees are provided with support through mentoring and pairing with experienced trainers to ensure quality and consistency.

A variety of Modules have been designed for flexibility depending on the target audience for the trainings. For more info on the content or to contact us for a workshop, contact [email protected].