MCRI offers trainings in three areas:

  1. child rights
  2. early childhood care and education
  3. NGO management.

An understanding of Child Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) serve as a basis of all of our trainings. In 2013, our focus is on reaching students and university academia to raise awareness on the CRC.

We aim to address gaps in delivering education in the community. We also work towards addressing the demand for training of caregivers to improve the quality of services for children in kindergartens, Children’s Homes and other facilities.

We also seek to improve the delivery of services to children from the management perspective. Our workshops for NGO managers help them improve their skills to develop better and more impactful programs and services for children.

MCRI also reaches the general public through trainings on child development and parenting skills. These trainings are also aimed at companies through CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for corporate employees.